Waiting On Wednesday 

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event that is hosted by Jill at @Breaking The Spine, which spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

 My Sister Rosa

Author: Justine Larbalestier

Book: Hardcover, 320 pages

Expected Publication: November 15th 2016

Publisher: Soho Teen


I believe this book is already out in Australia (our Protagonists are Aussies) however, the U.S. (where I’m located) won’t see it until later this year in November. I read mostly psychological thrillers & darker themed books during the Fall months & My sister Rosa fits the bill. I’m not sure why but any story with a sibling who’s a bit off or in this case off their ROCKER…intrigues me (I don’t know what that says about me lol). The story starts off in Sydney & then sees the siblings move to New York City…my thoughts immediately flew to how large of a city NY really is & how hard of a task it will be for Che to manage his sister Rosa’s deep dark secret. I’m really looking forward to picking this one up with a large cup of hot tea 🙂🙃🙂

Goodreads Synopsis:

What if the most terrifying person you’d ever met was your ten-year old sister? A spine-chilling psychological thriller from one of Australia’s finest YA authors.

‘I promise,’ said Rosa. ‘I won’t kill and I won’t make anyone else kill.’

I can’t see the loophole. Since the guinea pig there’s been nothing. Months now without Rosa killing as much as a mosquito.

As far as I know.

Che Taylor has four items on his list: 1. He wants to spar, not just train in the boxing gym. 2. He wants a girlfriend. 3. He wants to go home. 4. He wants to keep Rosa under control.

Che’s little sister Rosa is smart, talented, pretty, and so good at deception that Che’s convinced she must be a psychopath. She hasn’t hurt anyone yet, but he’s certain it’s just a matter of time. And when their parents move them to New York City, Che longs to return to Sydney and his three best friends. But his first duty is to his sister Rosa, who is playing increasingly complex and disturbing games. Can he protect Rosa from the world – and the world from Rosa?

My Sister Rosa will have you on the edge of your seat from the very first page to the last.


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