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Hey All! My name is Lillian but most call me Lilly. I’m a mommy of 2 living in NYC Brooklyn with a passion for books & little nooks in my home I can escape to for reading. I have a 9 to 5 office job and 2 beautiful bi-racial tiny humans. Some have asked me where do I find the time to read so many books & blog…I’d like to think I’m somewhat of a Diana Prince but the truth is a bit less exciting lol. I have an extensive commute to & from work Monday through Friday (1.5 hours) which makes it easier to feed my book addiction. I read a mixture of genres to keep me from growing tired of any single one but like many I have some favorites. I gravitate towards Fantasy (YA & Adult), Sci-Fi, Diverse & #OwnVoices, Mythology, Contemporary Fiction (YA & Adult). Whenever the mood strikes or really whenever K.A. Tucker writes a book lol…I’ll read New Adult. I’m pretty new to the genre & so I rely heavily on recommendations from some of my more NA savy blogger friends.

Photo by Ryan Sook (link to credit here)

2016 was a tough year but some good things came from it, one of my favorite things was the push for diversity in Young Adult. Some of the best books I’ve read have featured diverse characters, many of which I have been able to relate to & some I have even seen myself in. This year I’m making it my top priority to seek out more diverse & #OwnVoices books. These books really don’t get the much needed attention they deserve. I’m thrilled to see the push for diversity in YA & all of the debut authors adding new perspectives to the genre.

If i’m not chasing after my 2 tiny humans or reading my next obsession…I am probably taking photos for my Bookstagram. This means i’m most likely hanging from furniture at some odd angle trying to get the “right one”. This can also sometimes turn into a family affair where we all try to find the right lighting which then leads to me treating everyone to ice cream for all their efforts *face palm* & yeah I consider myself one lucky gal to have a little family of bookworms that understand my Nerdom 😉

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