The Cozy Autumn Book Tag!

What’s this?!? a tag?!?! why YES, Yes it is! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, it’s when my spirits are at an all time high and I want to do all the cozy & outdoor things. This year I’m adding one new thing to my list of Fall things…hikes & trails! I’m a sucker for a scenic route and it only helps my efforts to get some cardio in on the weekends whilst also staying away from crowded city life. I’m slowly going to be working my way up to some tougher/longer hikes throughout New York State & hopefully I’ll get some good colorful Fall shots along the way. Of course, it wouldn’t be my favorite season without some fave autumnal reads…

๐Ÿ‚ Q U E S T I O N S ๐Ÿ‚

1. What book always reminds you of fall/autumn? Adriana Mather’s ย Haunting the Deep #2 in the How to Hang a Witch series ALWAYS invokes Fall vibes. Set on the Titanic with a MC who is a direct descendant of a prominent figure in the Salem Witch Trials, this book with Its ghostly characters is a great way to kick off the Fall season.

2. What is your favourite autumnal book cover? This year it’s a toss up between Lobizona by Romina Garber (my review) & Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas (my review). They SCREAM autumn with their lush dark burgundy and orange colors. Cemetery Boys does take place around Dia De Los Muertos which only amps up this book as one to pick up this season. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

3. What is your favourite autumnal drink to read with?ย Currently…COVID has me staying away from Starbucks BUT I found their creamers at Target *jazz hands* specifically the Caramel or Cinnamon Dolce creamers with my home made coffee topped off with some ground cinnamon. Mhm…as you may have guessed, I love cinnamon!

4. Do you prefer to read late at night or early in the morning?ย Late nights used to be my JAM! but alas, no longer! neither are the mornings tbh cause of my hectic jam packed schedule. Evenings are when I get most of my reading in.

5. Halloween is coming! What is your favourite spooky read?ย Up until this tag, I did NOT think to choose a fave spooky read. However, going forward Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (my review) which is haunting AF! will be that read I go to for its horror noir vibes. UGH! this book my fellow bookworms…will make the hair on your neck stand.

6. What is the ultimate comfort read for you?ย This will always be the Romance genre as a whole. However, most recently I discovered Adriana Herrera who I HIGHLY recommend. Here to Stay (my review) sees our MC relocate from NYC to Dallas Texas & it just so happens to run into Thanksgiving. The cast of characters/friends in this story felt like home to me so much so that I truly didn’t want the book to end. I will continue reading Herrera’s books whenever I need that cozy feeling.

7. What is your favourite autumnal reading snack? although it has been WAY TOO LONG! for many years, I’ve loved Junior’s NYC Strawberry Cheesecake. Not just for the flavor but for the many sweet memories attached to this treat.

8. What is your favourite autumnal candle to burn whilst reading?ย In previous years, I did buy candles from bookish shops but not as of late. While I burn through my current collection, I’ve noticed Butterscotch, Hot Cocoa and Salted Caramel scents seem to call to me.

9. When you’re not reading, what is your favourite autumnal activity? Long outdoor walks paired with a hoodie\leggings & an engaging audiobook. If not, then it’s curling up in bed watching romantic comedies in fuzzy socks.

10. What is on your autumn/fall reading list? Ha! this may just be a bit ambitious but I’m sure going to give it a shot…


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14 thoughts on “The Cozy Autumn Book Tag!”

    1. Right?!?! GORGE! And the sequel is just as beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ I enjoyed Adrienne Youngโ€™s Sky in the Deep, have a feeling Fable could be a fave๐Ÿคž๐ŸฝMexican Gothic is def making my 2020 faves, so glad you enjoyed it ๐Ÿค—

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  1. Hikes and trails in during the fall are lovely (if you can get away from the bugs…) But the colors!! I do most of my reading in the evenings during the week. Weekends are when I can read from morning to night though haha. Your TBR is looking good! I can’t wait to read Kingdom of the Wicked. Maniscalco has quickly become a favorite author for me, so I have high hopes for this new series. I hope you enjoy Fable! It was a surprise read for me. I really enjoyed it and has become one of my favorite pirate themed books of late! Great post! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. haha! I’m going in fully prepared for the pesky bugs, I spend so much time during the week indoors that I find myself craving mountains & trails on the weekends. I’m finding it so hard lately to read on the weekends but that’s probably because I’m trying to do it all outdoors smh. Kingdom of the Wicked is looking like my next read, either that or The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. I have the feeling that either way I’ll be satisfied. Pirates are my JAM!!! whenever I come across a female cast of pirates it’s an absolute MUST read. This authors first book was a solid read but I did want more plot wise so I’m kind of hoping that’s what we get here…a healthy balance of character/plot development. I’m glad you enjoyed it, this amps it up on my list ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy Reading! โค

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      1. I miss walking. Going a little stir crazy myself haha. I stopped walking in the evening after I’d gotten bitten 6 times in one walk. I was like, “aight, we gonna have to take a step back for now” LOL. But it’s gotten a little cooler so I’m hoping the bugs won’t be as active. I hope you really enjoy Addie and Wicked! Pirates are simply amazing! One of my favorite all female pirate books is Seafire actually. Highly recommend that one too ๐Ÿ˜€ I have yet to read the author’s other book, but I’m looking forward to exploring more of her works.

        Thank you! You too โค

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      2. The walking helped this past weekend & thankfully no bug bites! which for me is a bit of a surprise cause I swear my blood is like honey to those blood suckers haha! I’m also a fan of pirate stories, it’s so exciting to see female pirates in books. EeeeeK! I LOVED Seafire so much back when I read it & have seen the covers for the rest of the trilogy…dropped the ball on those but def always planned to finish them. Great escapism, thank you! โค


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