Hello Bookworms! It’s been a minute since I’ve done an unboxing here on Lair Of Books but in the spirit of starting them up again I come to you with one worthy of your attention 😍 I recently started repping for Candles in Bookland who also recently curated their first themed box. Titled “The Thirteen” this box is centered around Manon Blackbeak and the 13 witches in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I was over the moon excited to hear my favorite character in the series was getting a box focused on them cause Queen Manon is worthy of all that & more! You can find Candles In Bookland on Instagram & the shop link is linked above and will be linked at the very end of this unboxing as well.


The Bookmarks…

The STUNNING artwork for the Manon & Abraxos bookmark was created by Kaya @Kayadoodles

 Asterin, Manon, and Elide were created by Salome Totladze @MorganaOanagrom

The Art Prints…

Elide & Asterin art prints to match bookmarks were created by the talented  Salome Totladze @MorganaOanagrom

Fierce Manon print created by 

Salome Totladze @MorganaOanagrom

The Book Sleeve…

🖤 Created by Julie & Brittney @babymybook this book sleeve will fit most tomes. My hardcover copy of A Court Of Mist and Fury fit snug as a bug & the kangaroo pouch allows you to stash any stationary on the go

The Candles…

🖤 Everything was packaged so nicely & the red really pops and gives off Manon Vibes! 

Manon- Sweet Cider, Cloves, Blood Orange, Citrus, Warm Spices, Sandalwood 

Elide- Amber, Musk, Cherry, Floral, Jasmine, Berry, and Sandalwood

Asterin- Leather, Woody, Raspberry, and Vanilla

🖤 The Manon candle is a two color blended candle that has this amazing citrus scent. Elide’s candle is my fave of all, warm with hints of cherry and jasmine that make me want this candle is a HUGE jar 😂 The Asterin candle smells of lovely Raspberry with a hint of vanilla 💜 to top it off these have glitter on top and look so beautiful! 

Sorrel- Amber, warm spices, sandalwood

Abraxos- wild flowers, spice, clean air fresh herbal scent, a hint of leather

🖤 Sorrel smells like Autumn in a jar while Abraxos reminds me of my fave laundry detergent with its fresh scent 

“The Thirteen” is a June Exclusive box by Candles In Bookland that will leave fans of Manon Blackbeak and the 13 blown away!!! This is their first themed box and the quality really speaks for itself. The box does have a quote written on the front flap that has a misspelling the shop owner is aware of. However, this mishap is quickly forgotten the minute you open your box. I’m always on the hunt for bookish merch, candles & bookmarks being the top two items I buy the most of. I am MOST certainly looking forward to the next one! 🖤🖤🖤


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  1. This box is lovely and the candles sounded heavenly in your video. But with the price and no refund policy, I do not think this is one I could splurge for. I know it says they will work with you file a claim with postal services if the box is damaged, but they do not refund and 45.00 is not cheap lol. If you have ever filed a claim with USPS, sorry but no thank you. Cant risk those policies with shipping candles. I was going to purchase after your Instagram story until I saw that ❤ but it gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is totally understandable, I’m actually checking with the shop owner now for confirmation on this policy 😉 BRB but yea it’s a wonderful box and the packaging itself is hands down A+


    2. Hey Danielle! As promised I’m back lol. The owner Lourdes did get back to me earlier but you already know my heavy long commute. She informed me that in the case the package is lost she’d be the one to start the claim and either offer a replacement or refund based on their findings. As for damaged goods, although highly unlikely cause of how much packaging the items are wrapped in (best I’ve seen so far, better than Fairyloot) photo(s) sent to the owner should take care of that. If damaged in transit, she’d take care of the return shipping fees as long as photos are provided. The photos would be her way of getting her $ money back from the post office. Lourdes is one of the sweetest people I’ve come across in the blogosphere, she would want you to have a good experience in her shop 😉

      P.S. each item is individually bubble wrapped…a lil too much if you ask me but better safe than sorry 😂


      1. That all sounds great! Unfortunately, we have a ton of issues with our post here at the moment (and I do mean a ton – lost birthday cards with money now at tally of 3, two recently lost Amazon orders and 2 lost BOTM shipments in the last 4 months alone)😔 and the last claim I filed took ages so for now I will hold off (rather not deal with or rely on that process for time being). But as soon as I am ready to commit, she will be at the top of my list! 💖 Thank you for all of the extra info! You are the best 😘

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Of Course Lourdes! You really delivered on this 1st box, everything smells amazing and the artwork is GORGEOUS! Morgana is one of my fave artists too so it was A+! I am buying a few frames this weekend to hang them up by desk 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much! Yes, Morgana is so talented and so sweet to work with I told her all the work I need done for the future and she’s like I’ll make the time for you so I’m happy about that (: and I”m glad you loved everything again Thank you!! xoxo


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