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Happy Friday Readers!!! It’s been a L-O-N-G and unexpectedly emotional week for my little fam & I. Today completes Izzy’s (my 5-year-old daughter) first week & a half (lol) of Kindergarten & although my girl is usually ready to conquer the world with her larger than life old soul personality…this was a new beginning & there were some tears from the both of us. I was allowed to walk her to class the first 2 days after which I was then told that my baby was growing up & basically it was time to “cut the cord” drop off’s would be in the cafeteria…does anyone else find the cafeteria to be one scary big place? I always have. Nonetheless, off I went to work but not before I had myself one good sob during my 7-minute walk to the train station on the phone with my husband. I boarded the train & to be honest had no desire to read. By Wednesday, Izzy & I had befriended the cafeteria lady & her daughter who also attends the school. Needless to say this brought me much comfort & Izzy re-assured ME (smh) that she was NOT scared. With her assurance I boarded my train & dived back into SJM’s Empire of Storms…

Empire of Storms by Sara J. Maas is the 5th book in the Throne of Glass YA Fantasy series & one of my most highly anticipated reads for the second half of 2016! I hadn’t realized how much I had missed certain characters in this world, specifically my favorite kick butt witch Manon & her Wyvern Abraxos who would follow her to the depths of the world if need be. I think what appeals to me most about these characters is the loyalty they have to each other (excluding Celeana who at times makes questionable decisions). I am really enjoying seeing the friendship btwn Aedion & Lysandra develop as well as Lorcan & Elide. Whether these friendships develop into something more, I’m not sure yet (on pg. 400 of 693) but wouldn’t be completely surprised if they do. Yes, SJM enjoys coupling up her charcters making it a bit predictable at times but I think it’s done well. In any case, I love these books for the character development & world building. I am currently OBSESSED with the Manon chapters smh, in the beginning I really just wanted to get to those chapters alone. Thankfully 🙌🏼 the story picks up the pace fairly quickly & never stops. Can this be the best book in the series? It’s sure looking that way but I still have about 300 pgs to go & that leaves Maas plenty of time to turn my world upside down. I kid you not, I really do think she types away with an evil smirk on her face, knowing she’s going to leave us in our feels in need of our blanky’s & the nearest teddy 😂😂😂

The other book I’m reading or rather should I say listening to? Is Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. I had used one of my Audible credits a few months back on this one but could NOT for the life of me, get people to stop interrupting me while I listened. After reading a review for this book on Amanda’s blog Cover2CoverMom, I decided to pick it back up again. For the most part, I’d rather listen to than read comedienne’s memoirs. They narrate their own books & therefore know when a line should read as funny or not. This makes a big difference for me. Perfect example is  Mindy Khaling who I adore for the goddess that she is 🙌🏼 has written 2 books & it wasn’t until I switched to audio that I was able to enjoy her narrative. To be honest I had never heard of Jenny Lawson but the cover with the over the top excited raccoon made me smile every time I walked by it in B&N. After reading the synopsis & seeing that Jenny suffers from mental illness and that this was a collection of stories infused with her humor…I was intrigued. Now, I’ve heard great & not so great things about this book. Primarily, people taking offense to her use of humor when it comes to the topic of her mental illness or labeling herself. As a person who deals with anxiety, mild OCD, and others I don’t need to list…my sarcasm/dark humor IS my coping mechanism. It’s the blanket that provides comfort when faced with the alternative which is to let it overcome & that’s just not the choice that I’ve made. I’m now following Jenny on her blog The Blogess & I’m listening to Furiously Happy. Jenny’s husband Victor reminds me a bit of my husband. She does not shy away from listing their differences & the less than “normal” but still very humorous arguments they have because of her mental disorders. Her interactions with her pets (Ferris Mewler is a fave of mine) including Rory the raccoon who is deceased but has been brought back through her friend the taxidermist, provide plenty of entertaining moments. Overall, what I’m finding the most enjoyable are the many relatable day to day moments & thoughts she has  at home and in social situations…

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22 thoughts on “Friday Reads aka Currently Reading”

    1. Same here! I’m actually reading faster in the 2nd half of the book which is scary because 2017? *Gasps* smh. I’m listening to Furiously Happy while I work & it’s helping the day go by smoother with laughs along the way. Checking out Donna’s review now, thank you 😉

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  1. During the first part of your blog post I was just like “awwwww <3" I thought you should know 😀 I also get your point in regards to comedienne's narratives – I haven't read any yet though and I'm also not a fan of audiobooks. But I plan on reading Furiously Happy, so we'll see how that works out for me 🙂

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  2. I can for some reason ONLY do these memoirs in audiobook, everything else requires too much attention. I also read a lot of Fantasy & it wouldn’t work out lol. I’m actually going to pick up the physical copy of Furiously Happy this weekend. It’s going to be my go to happy book 😬


  3. Awww! Things will get easier. It’s tough to watch your kids grow up. My oldest is turning 10 soon and is already getting into the “I’m too cool for my parents” phase and my almost 3 yo is starting pre-school in a month 😭

    I’m so glad you are enjoying Furiously Happy!!! I bet the audiobook is on point! If I get the chance to re-read it, I’m definitely going to check that version out. Thank you so much for the shout out, you’re the best 😘

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    1. Thank you Amanda! 😊💕to think that I’ll have to repeat this process with my now 2 yr old just like you’re doing now with your 3 yr old😭😭😭 I hope it does get easier. The audiobook is ON POINT! I really have to choose when I listen to it though. I looked crazy on the train ride home today turning all sorts of red at the thought of Victor always being creeped up on by various deceased animals. Victor comes to life in the audio & so does her frame of mind when she’s thinking or rationalizing. Thanks again for motivating me to pick it back up again, it’s just what I needed 😉

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  4. I really hope you enjoy Empire of Storms, I finished it earlier last week and really loved it. I agree with you it was a little slow to start but I quickly got into it and loved getting back into the world that contained all my favourite characters.
    Also I’ve added Furiously Happy to my to-read list after I read some great things about it, I hope you enjoy it the second time around. I can’t wait to see your reviews for both of these books! 😀

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    1. Oh Beth! I’m so not ready for EOS to end 🙈 5 books later & I haven’t tired of this cast of characters. I do however miss Chaol, I really liked him before his character self destructed 🙄 hope that he returns in the next book stronger than ever. No regrets here picking Furiously Happy back up, thank you 😊💕

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      1. I wasn’t ready for it to end either but I couldn’t stop reading it as quickly as possible. I also can’t believe there’s only one left after this.
        Yeah I missed Chaol, but I do think he will return in the sixth book. It’s the last one so all the characters will be there!
        That’s all right. 🙂

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      2. I’m on pg 470 now reading it with my hubby but he’s a bit ahead of me. So I’m reding it aloud to him while we drive to another state. He appreciated the re-cap lol. I think Chaol’s return won’t disappoint, especially if she’s listened to her fan base. We love Chaol but don’t love the way he was torn down. So, I’m hoping for his own happy ending 😉

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      3. Ha, that must have been nice, and so much happened that you do need a recap at times as well!
        Yeah he seemed to get really torn down in book three/four. It’ll be nice to see a more positive side to his story, to have him built back up again. 🙂

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    1. I feel like I’m going through it more than she is to be honest lol. She seems to adjusting well & has always loved the school setting (Daycare/UP-K). It’s hard to trust as a parent you know? But I’m staying positive. EOS is seriously taking me longer than usual because it’s massive lol. I’m currently 430 pgs in feeling like I’ve read 1,000 😂😂😂

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  5. Today must’ve been a serious tearjerker for you. Good thing you had some good books to help you keep it together. 🙂 I still need to finish Throne of Glass. So far, I’m not hating it like some people thought I would. I’ve been reading it for an eternity. That’s the only Sarah J. Maas book I’ve read so far.

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    1. The beginning of the week was more than the end lol. I think if you’d started with Assassins Blade, you would prob have sped through Throne of Glass & continued. Throne of Glass is my least fave book in the series 🙄 still think you’d enjoy her NA Fantasy series A Court of Thorns & Roses a bit more 😂😂😂 & that ones only 2 books in with the 3rd coming in May 2017😉


    1. 😂😂😂 it is a bit creepy but once you know the story behind them, then looking at them will only make you shake your head with laughter. I actually just finished Empire of Storms & will be post a non-spoilery review but if you’re anything like me, I’d just avoid EVERYTHING EOS related til after 😉


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