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WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On a World of Words and to participate all you have to do is answer the three W’s listed below. Once you’ve posted your WWW, drop a link to your post in Sam’s comments <3’s!

The questions are:
1. What are you currently reading?
2. What did you recently finish reading?
3. What do you think you’ll read next?

I am currently at the 50% mark in Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica and It’s either a case of me being a terrible detective OR Kubica is just that DAMN GOOD! I haven’t read any of her other books but have already added a few to my TBR. I think what also has me hooked in this mystery/suspense is that the protagonist is a young mom who I find very relatable. I won’t lie though (see what I did there, eh? lol) the husband in this book has me raising an eyebrow at my own LOL! I’m hoping to finish this one by tomorrow, I really need to know what really happened on the night Nick went to get Chinese food & I’ll leave it at that 😉

I recently read, reviewed, and LOVED The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee *all the hearts* & I genuinely miss these characters & how much fun it was to follow their adventures. This was hands down a 5 star read & was so happy to hear one of my fave characters (Felicity) in TGGTVAV is getting her own spin-off companion titled The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy slated for 2018 *excited* TGGTVAV is THE book to read this summer if you’re looking for diverse characters (POC & LGBTQIA+), Feminism in YA Historical/Fantasy, and non-stop laughs 😉

I recently read The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana & will have a review up this Friday 😉 I love Indian folklore and so it came as no surprise that I’d be very interested in this book. Although the first half had me feeling like it was following the same formula other books have…a Princess is married off to a tyranical maniac to keep the peace between two houses?…yes but, it actually ended up surprising me. Fate as implied by the title plays a big role & I enjoyed the way it was woven into the story. More to come on Friday…

Last time I featured my next two reads however, this time around I’ll be posting only one since I can’t seem to settle on a July “TBR” of sorts. I def think it’s the weather and the fact that I am busy with my little family, less reading & more mood reads lol. Originally I had planned on reading The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy however, the mood is calling for something much lighter cuz life has been hectic lately & so I’m going with my eGalley of Who’s That Girl by Blair Thornburgh. This book features a Latinx main protagonist in what may or may not be a love triangle. Now, typically I stay away from love triangles but guess what? I haven’t read very many from a Latinx perspective…Labyrinth Lost is the only title that comes to mind & so I shall. Also, I WAS Junior back in H.S. & so this read screams RELATABLE to me which is rare in YA & therefore a nice change of pace. This YA Contemporary seems to be full of diversity & I am ALL on board for that. Fingers crossed that I’ll love Junior Nattie McCullough 🙂


Edelweiss Synopsis (GR Synopsis wasn’t all that great) 

With the compulsive readability of Audrey, Wait! and Boy Meets Boy, Who’s That Girl by debut author Blair Thornburgh delivers laugh-out-loud awkward romantic encounters, a supportive LGBTQ organization, and too many cheesy lyrics to count.

Junior Nattie McCullough has always been that under-the-radar straight girl who hangs out in the cafeteria with her gay-straight alliance friends. She’s never been the girl that gets the guy, let alone the girl that gets a hit song named after her. But when last summer’s crush, smoking-hot musician Sebastian Delacroix, returns home to play a local show, that’s just what she gets. He and his band, the Young Lungs, have written a chart-topping single—“Natalie”—which instantly makes Nattie second guess everything she thought about their awkward non-kiss at that June pool party. That it was horrific. That it meant nothing. That Sebastian never gave her another thought.

Things get even more confusing when Nattie starts to develop feelings for her good friend Zach. With the song getting major airplay and her once-normal life starting to resemble the cover of a gossip magazine, Nattie is determined to figure out once and for all if her brief moment with Sebastian was the stuff love songs are made of—or just a one-hit wonder.

What are you wonderful bookworms currently reading? planning to read next? any good ones? & if you’re reading any of the ones I mentioned, let me know down in the comments what your 1st impressions were <3’s!

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34 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays”

      1. I know!!! It’s going to be my next book purchase for sure… Also, is it awful to say that I want that cover facing out so I can stare at the hottie on the cover 24/7? Because it’s true. Hahahaha!

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      2. Lol, the boxes are cool but you know every once in a while you get a dud and question it’s value 😂 I’m just happy to get books from them that I’ve already had to chance to read in galley form & loved. Saves me $$$

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  1. Every Last Lie sounds so freaking good! I need to add this to my TBR. I need to get my hands on The Gentleman’s Guide ASAP! Everyone has been loving it and I need to love it too HAHA. The Library of Fates sounds pretty good. I love the cover for Who’s That Girl. It sounds really good! Can’t wait to see what you think about it. 😀


  2. I love the cover to The Library of Fates! And I definitely would love to read more books including Indian Folklore! Who’s That Girl also sounds really interesting! And I love me a good mystery so I might need to look into Every Last Lie. It sounds like you’re really enjoying that one! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Azia! Library of Fates is GORGE! I’m going to have to p/u a physical copy next Tuesday & add it to my fave stand-alones. I love Indian Folklore so this was a MUST READ & I’m happy I did. Who’s that Girl is bursting with promises of diversity & I’m hoping it delivers. I cannnnnnot put Every Last Lie down with exception of work of course, I am always reading it. I just wish I had more time in my day cuz it’s a rather short book in comparison to my Fantasy books lol. Thank you for stopping by Azia, happy reading <3!

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      1. Oh wow, now I’m even more excited to get my hands on Library of Fates! I agree, Who’s That Girl sounds like it’s brimming with diversity and it’s always a great feeling when you have a type of book that engrosses you. Especially when it’s a mystery! No problem, and happy reading to you too! 😀


  3. The Library of Fates has SUCH a beautiful cover! I don’t know much about it but just seeing that cover makes me want to pick it up! I just finished The Sun is Also a Star! It was pretty good (nothing mind blowing but it did cause me to get kinda emotional). Next I’m rereading Vicious by VE Schwab because it is one of my favorite books ever! Next week, when it comes out, I’ll be reading The Color Project by Sierra Abrams! I’m super excited for that one because it sounds like a great summer read!

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    1. Talk about beautiful covers! The Sun is Also a Star is STUNNING! haha! I own a copy & yet it sits on my shelf lookin’ pretty & unread smh lol. Now that I’ve read it I am planning on p/u a copy of The Library of Fates next Tuesday and reviewing this Friday. I’ve heard great things about The Color Project & agree it goes well with the season, hope you enjoy the new read! ❤ 🙂

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      1. YES! I bought The Sun is Also a Star mostly because of the cover! It is so BEAUTIFUL! You should give it a shot! If you like contemporary romance you’ll enjoy it. I’m not even the biggest contemporary romance reader and I enjoyed it!


  4. These all seem like amazing books Lilly. I’m currently read The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and so far I am absolutely loving it. I don’t think I can choose between Monty, Percy and Felicity for who my favourite character is because I go round and round trying to choose between them (one moment it’s Monty, then it’s Felicity, then Percy and then back to Monty again) I didn’t realise there was a sequel for Felicity’s character, I’m even more excited now! 😀
    Also I have The Library of Fates on my to-read list, it sounds amazing and honestly I’m half in love with that cover! 😀
    Great picks for this week! ) ❤


  5. I read one of Kubica’s books in the past which was really good (her first one The Good Girl), but it seems she got even better by now. Really want to read this one ! I’ve heard great things about this so I’m sure she’s just so good 😉


      1. Oh man, that sounds awful, haha. I’ll have to make your work worth it and go check out that review 🙂


  6. I NEED to get a copy of one of Mary Kubica’s books ASAP! Every Last Lie sounds so good… I hope you are enjoying your books this week and happy reading!

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  7. I never did hear back about my request for the Library of Fates which is too bad. I just have this feeling about it 😉 But when I get to your review, I will know whether to purchase or not. I am soooo behind. I feel like a jerk. Literally 3 days behind. I am reading a few books right now. Just started Sailor Moon manga as well haha. I am secretly obsessed with Sailor Moon ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s ok Danielle! I fell VERY behind, my WP glitched and I now I have a slew of comments from 3 days ago that I’m just now seeing 😩Penguin never responds to my Netgalley request and so I get all my titles from them over at their First to Read site. I never watched Sailor Moon even though I always was interested, let me know how it fares for you 😃💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I found half of my comments in spam! WTH? 😦 As far as Sailor Moon, not sure yet on Manga but seems that the original anime and Crystal both captured the story well so I recommend as I enjoyed them. I do actually favor the newer anime Sailor Moon Crystal a bit more than the older, original. But am watching through the originals now and they are fun. ❤


  8. So did you finish Every Last Lie?! What did you think?? If you like Kubica’s books, I highly recommend The Good Girl & Pretty Baby 🙂 Can’t wait to read your review!

    I will also be heading over to read your review for The Library of Fates, because look at that cover!!!!! Yes please!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally did! I’ve been on a reading spree and have neglected some of my fave bloggers. I am paying you a visit TODAY *pinky promise* 😂 I LOVED Every Last Lie! Already reviewed it & ready for the next Kubica🤗🤗 adding Pretty Baby since I didn’t have it on my TBR, thank you Amanda 😃💕

      Liked by 1 person

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