January Monthly Wrap-Up

January was a month of much post holiday rest, organization, and goal setting. 2019 was a massive healing year for me which meant I focused more on Quality vs. Quantity reading last year to make room for new life experiences. January however had me back in the saddle with books on my radar for the rest of the year. It was also the month where I participated in my very first Readathon (SMUTATHON Wrap-Up) Challenge & had a blast! It was truly the BEST way to start off the new year, light & fun with a side of steam 😉

Besides a ton of steamy reading, I also found my love for Netflix backlist shows like Schitts Creek and continued with the latest season of Grace & Frankie. I also started Journaling, something I’ve been wanting to get back into for years but never quite took the steps & placed pen to paper. Writing has been truly cathartic in my journey to self alignment & self healing. As the new year takes off, I’m also keeping a small list of places/things I’d like to visit & do. I’ll include snippets of some of these trips in future wrap-ups as a way for me to look back on & share with you lovely readers 🙂

The Loner’s Lady by Jessa Kane – ✨2.5 STARS✨ (SMUTATHON WRAP-UP) This age gap romance just was NOT my cup of tea haha! it felt very primitive & not my idea of a good time with a fake dating trope. I was generous here with my rating but in all reality it was a quick read that left me very underwhelmed.

Grading Curves by Naima Simone -✨4.5 STARS✨ (SMUTATHON WRAP-UP) GOODNESS! SUPER SEXY! who would’ve known a tattoo parlor would host such potential for steam haha! Naima Simone is on my list of go-to authors for smut 😉

The King Maker by Kennedy Ryan – ✨4.5 STARS✨(SMUTATHON WRAP-UP) Kennedy Ryan blew me away with this very heavily researched read. A perfect balance between hardcore relevant topics & romance, this one I definitely plan on reviewing here on the blog. This is a age gap romance I can get behind & best of all it follows our characters over the years from the time they met in their 20’s to present day. Can’t wait to read the sequel in the All the King’s Men Duet, The Rebel King.

The Headmaster by Tiffany Reisz – ✨5 STARS✨ (SMUTATHON WRAP-UP) Gothic Romance fever anyone?!? YEA that’s what Tiffany Reisz left me with after finishing Headmaster. I’mnot sure why but it gave me the same vibes I felt while reading Cassie Clare’s The Infernal Devices if only for the steam punk atmosphere. SO worth it especially if you dig Paranormal Romance.

SKYWARD by Brandon Sanderson – ✨5 STARS✨ (MY REVIEW) I wouldn’t be surprised to see SKYWARD make my end of the year TOP 20 of 2020! it gave me such an adrenaline rush & reminded me of my experience with Pierce Brown’s Morning Star. Not just cause of the camaraderie between the pilots but also because of the flight patterns & attacks that really jump off the page and pull you in. I already have secured a copy of the sequel STARSIGHT & a more happier little bean I could not be *jazz hands*

Beautiful Dreamer by Melissa Brayden-✨5 STARS✨(SMUTATHON WRAP-UP) This F/F Romance legit transported me to a small beach town & immersed me in every single characters lives like nobodies business! UGH! I did NOT want to leave & the characters who are the epitome of polar opposites had me shipping them so hard all throughout. I have a list of Melissa Brayden backlist books I will be reading throughout the next couple of months… the Next one on my radar is Strawberry Summer thanks to the wonderful Leigh Kramer who I appreciate wholeheartedly! ❤ a whole review will hit this blog in the very near future, currently I’m reading faster than I’m writing SMH! haha!

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord – ✨5 STARS✨ (MY REVIEW) on the Cuteness Meter, this one smashes the scale! This is another read that I may throw into my top 20 of 2020 but we shall see. I laughed & enjoyed the character interactions so much so that I traded in sleep haha! I have a full review linked above.

Ok soooo I may have binged almost all 5 current season of Schitts Creek onNetflix…I say almost cause in typical Lilly fashion I stopped myself from watching the last 3 episodes of season 5. I’m not a fan of endings & even though there is currently a season 6, I have to wait for it to hit Netflix sooo yea LOL! I had HUGE doubts about this show but JEEZ am I so happy I decided to give in & start this show. It appears to be super pretentious & ridiculous but I promise you there’s so much more depth to these characters. Ultimately it’s the reason I’ve fallen back in love with Netflix so if there are any shows that offer up this much comedic relief, please drop them down below in the comments Luvs!

OK! Bragging rights here cause my BF did NOT think this one was worth us going to see in theaters. WHELP! boy was he happy we went cause this was so GOOD! & possibly not the end of this franchise *fingers crossed* the boys are back & although they’ve aged just a bit, that does NOT stop them from getting back behind the wheel & catching them some bad guys…Ok well Marcus played by Martin Lawrence needs a bit of convincing & it is EVERYTHING seeing this duo back in action.


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15 thoughts on “January Monthly Wrap-Up”

  1. Hallo, Hallo Lilly,

    I must admit, Schitt’s Creek is properly addictive! I stream it via Roku as it has been released to watch for free for the past few years now. I started to see it out of order a bit and then, went back to see it in order. I’m currently on S5 and am finding the opening episodes were a bit disappointing but I want to keep with it as I know there are reveals coming that I will enjoy. Like you, I find great inspiration in watching tv especially if I am on a break from reading – this being the topic of my last #BookishNotBookish post. It is definitely one of those quirky series I will have trouble ‘letting go’ as I definitely say my favourite character is Moira Rose, though in truth I love seeing the whole cast in their roles; they own them well and I love seeing how they pull their personalities out. Uniquely I also stream a lot of their behind-the-scenes and interviews via Roku as well – as watching YT videos are far easier than on a computer.

    I used to have NetFlix myself – but I’ve found that the price of it is too high for my budget. If you visit my post you’ll see how I’ve been subscribing to different apps via Roku and changing what I’m watching month to month or binge watching in short batches before exchanging them again. I like the variety but also, I find so much available on Roku’s apps (some for well-known networks like NBC, ABC, QVC, Food Network, etc) that I am never in wont of content to watch! lol For instance, I am definitely looking forward to continue to stream #ZoeysPlaylist via the NBC app each week a new one airs – whilst I love searching for films, as recently I saw “Guarding Tess” for the second time as I saw it when it first ran in theaters. This is also how I found the series “TJ Hooker” (via Crackle, Roku Channel respectively – went through all 5x years!) and there are others, like “The Commish” or even “Hunter”.

    Off now to read your review for “Tweet Cute”….

    Love how more of us are streaming tv vs watching via cable.

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    1. I have 3 episodes left to season 5 of Schitts Creek that I just cannot bring myself around to watching smh. Moira & David are my forever favorites & If I don’t stop talking in Schitts Creek lingo I’m pretty sure I’ll annoy every single last person around me haha! I’ve actually been considering Roku simply because I don’t really have time or am even at home much to justify cable. It’s def something I’ve been considering now that I’m pulling the plug on it & have a few running subscriptions. Thank you for the recommendations, I’m always on the lookout for new shows to stream 🙂

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  2. I just bought Skyward because I’d been seeing so many positive reviews for it on the blogosphere. Also, I’ve been dying to read some amazing YA sci-fi. But that fact that it reminded you a bit of Brown’s Morning Star has sold me even more. The Red Rising series is my gold-standard of sci-fi so any comparisons promise a fantastic read.

    Schitt’s Creek is one of my favorite shows. It’s a perfect balance of comedy and heart. I had my doubts, in the beginning, too but I ended up bingeing it within two weeks. It’s sooo addictive.

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    1. A fellow Howler! OMG we are rare but we are out there! haha! the rush of adrenaline Morning Star gave me has been very hard to match but Skyward def has the guts to be up there with some of the best YA Sci-fi I’ve ever read. Schitts Creek is like nothing I’ve ever watched before & I don’t want to see it end now that I’ve fallen in love with it. That show really did sneak up on me with the feels & I find myself so attached to thee characters. I also binge watched it within a span of 1 week SMH! now to fill that void…

      Happy reading! ❤

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      1. Yes, girl, yaaaaaas. Howlers freaking unite. I have a couple friends that are also Howlers and we can’t stop recommending the series to anyone who will listen haha. That is some really high praise for Skyward. March is to be my Angels and Demons month, but I think I might have to slip Skyward in there somewhere LOL.

        Schitt’s Creek is so worth the watch, especially for David and Patrick ❤ Good luck on filling the void. There are so many amazing shows to watch now, though, so there's always something to look forward to! 😀

        Thanks so much! Happy reading to you too! ❤


    1. Tweet Cute has to be the CUTEST book I’ve ever read! I want more from this author. Schitss Creek, I legit felt like the only person left on the planet to not have see this show. It’s hella addictive & I’m already anticipating binge watching all of season 6 🙂

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