July 2016 Wrap Up & Haul 

July July!!! Hit me by surprise when I checked my Goodreads to see what I read during the month of July, a total of 8 books/graphic novels. One of the books that I read was actually a Library book, my first in over a decade. Stepping foot into my Library felt like a blast from the past for about 10 seconds before I eyed the empty shelves. Now, my Library is located in Williamsburg Brooklyn which for those who aren’t from NYC, happens to be hipster central nowadays. It’s walking distance from luxury condos (I’d probably have to sell a kidney for 1 months’ rent), art galleries, tons of coffee shops, and… you get the picture right? I was under the impression that my 1st visit would be met with a beautifully stocked Library & when this was not the case, I had a ton of questions for the Librarian who didn’t look quite too happy to be approached. Turns out, they’ve gone digital & a request for a book can be made online so that the book may be delivered to your local branch for pick up. This all sounds great since now you can almost guarantee you’ll get the book you are looking for…. yet…I still felt some sadness over the bare shelves that during my childhood held stacks & stacks of adventures and stories.
The top floor held some of my fondest memories with my mother (sadly, there aren’t very many). My mother would stay in the poetry section reading love poems and writing them in her notebook while my sister & I stacked up on Goosebumps & Sweet Valley High. Sweet memories that I’ll cherish while living in this modern world 😉

On to my Wrap Up:

The Fireman by Joe Hill– 3.75 Stars


Illuminae by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman– 5 stars

Chasing River by K.A. Tucker– 5 stars

Surviving Ice by K.A Tucker– 4 stars

Graphic Novels- I went on a Saga spree with NO regrets! I was going to review them in the blog but I was absorbed by the binge SMH so I’ve linked my mini reviews, more like ‘feels’ & after thoughts lol

Saga Volume 3– 4 stars (link to my Goodreads mini review)


Saga Volume 4– 5 stars (link to my Goodreads mini review)


Saga Volume 5– 5 stars (link to my Goodreads mini review)


Saga Volume 6– 5 stars (link to my Goodreads mini review)


July 2016 Book Haul:

In the month of July I came across some amazing deals that demanded I suspend my book ban for a bit 😂😂😂 but I can honestly say that with the exception of The Walled City, I was actively looking out for these titles😊

For those interested in ‘booktography’ hehe…please follow me @Lair_Of_Books (link at the very top of the blog page)

& On a sick day my hubby brought home these two beauties 😍😍😍

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25 thoughts on “July 2016 Wrap Up & Haul ”

    1. Not really for beginners, it’s just really well known cuz Brian K Vaughn is THE MAN!! 😂😂😂 no but seriously, he is & you should check it out if you’re down for a weird space opera. I got Monstress from Netgalley but I plan on buying a copy for my shelves cuz it’s stunning. Starting Monstress tonight 😊💕

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  1. Your local library literally breaks my heart. I fear that this will be the future for all libraries though 😩 I thought it was touching you have those beautiful memories of your Mom there. That is something you can cherish always and tell your kids about.

    Lovely July!!! Here is to a fabulous August!

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  2. The Saga graphic novels seem really popular and I really want to check them out. I never find them at Barnes and Noble because I’ve looked a few times, so I might just have to order the first volume online to give it a try! It must be good if u read so many in one month! 🙂

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    1. They are very well known & loved by most. I ordered mine from Amazon & at a much more affordable price. I binge read 3,4, and 5. Then on a sick day, my husband came home with the newly released volume 6

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  3. Go girl! Making a dent in that TBR! 🤗 I think I read somewhere around the same number. I read like crazy last month. My local library was sort of depressing the last time I went in there. They had the world’s smallest selection of books. 😂 I used to read Sweet Valley High and Goosebumps. And I also loved to check out poetry collections. I used to read poems all the time when I was little. Awesome haul! 🙂

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    1. I was helped along by a 2 week cold that wouldn’t go away so yeah it was a good reading month 😂😂😂 My TBR has to be THE scariest TBR ever, I plan on cleaning it out someday soon 🙈 & SVH/Goosebumps was my ish back in the day! 😂😂😂 Thank you 💕

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  4. What a nice husband! Lucky girl!!
    My library looks nothing like that, and we do requests online. We even use Overdrive, an app for the ebooks. But that library looks sad. Maybe bc it’s in NY so it’s really busy and all the books are checked out?

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    1. Thank you & the Library seems to be used for community classes, events, and a range of other resources. They have an online catalogue of books & you get an e-mail telling you when your book is ready for pick up. They just seemed to move away from physical books which is sad for me. I use Overdrive for audiobooks, neat app! 🙂

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      1. I’m all about physical books, too. I think it’s s shame. I understand how you must feel.
        I really only do digital ones because of the cost. They are cheaper to buy than new books from the bookstore, and they are easy to hide that I’ve purchased them from my mom! She likes that I read, but doesn’t like me owning the books. Argh. Lol.

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