Spoiler Free Review: Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Title: Tweet Cute

Author:ย Emma Lord

Pub. Date:ย January 21st 2020

Genre:ย YA Contemporary

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Pages:ย 368 Pages


๐Ÿ–คARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review๐Ÿ–ค

When Big League Burger steals a small Deli’s iconic grilled cheese recipe created by none other than Jacks’ Grandmother, it starts an all out twitter war. Pepper’s family are the owners of Big League Burger with her mother at the helm of the business. When accusations start flying, it’s Pepper’s snark and quick witty comebacks her mother has her tweet to defend their stance. Pepper & Jack happen to attend the same privileged school but have no idea they are in a war of wits against each other while defending their family businesses. All the while we see them both deal with social pressures in school & navigate expectations from their parents in an interesting way. Jack has taken an interest in app developing & is the anonymous creator of an app that allows students to chat under anonymous names in a main chat room. Eventually the app triggers itself to reveal the identity of the student you’ve been hopefully bonding with. Jack also uses his own app (honorably adheres to his own privacy rules) & somehow ends up chatting with Pepper, not knowing her true identity. This book truly had it ALL & was wildly entertaining! Twitter Wars, cute romance, sweet pastry baking, positive F/F friendships, swimming, sibling rivalries, Parentals who are visible, and also a realistic view of the stress students experience preparing for college/entrepreneurship.

Pepper –Known to many of her peers to be robotic, Pepper is goal focused & getting into a top college is what she strives for. She doesn’t really socialize in school with the exception of engaging in academic wars with her “archenemy” & perfecting her swimming skills. With a whole lot of responsibilities lumped on her plate & handling Big League Burger’sย Twitter feud, Pepper finds comfort in chatting with “Wolf” who is also Jack, anonymously.

Jack –ย Living in the shadow of his very popular Gay twin brother isn’t easy for Jack but he manages. His brother Ethan is expected to go places & do big things after college whereas Jack’s family always saw him taking over the family Deli/business. We see Jack quietly seek out the things that actually bring him joy like app developing & being a member of the Dive team. Jack is hella loyal to his family & will drop anything/everything to help any one of them out.

The levels of enjoyment I experienced with this book are still pretty fresh in my memory. I have no doubt it’s going down as a Top Read for 2020 here on my end of year list. I lost track of the smiles it got out of me & on one or two occasions how it surprised me with teary eyes. Emma Lord brought to life current day teenagers on the page making this such an authentic smart & witty read. I loved how our author highlighted not only their intelligence but the fact that they are essentially capable of taking on a fair amount of responsibility. Both Pepper & Jack have a heavy schedule of academics & helping out with their family owned businesses. There’s a ton of stress but I enjoyed seeing how they came together in this one app to help alleviate those pressures. There’s also some more serious themes in this book like a family experiencing the after effects of a separation. There’s a healing of family issues & self exploration. Discussion on expectations & how college isn’t necessarily the only route to success. We see students choosing their paths to eventually place them in the career path that best suits their wants/needs. This book is packed with so much good & don’t get me started on the sisters who bake & give their deserts all sorts of quirky names on a blog they run together! sitting here eyes WIDE open for the next Emma Lord book *Chefs Kiss*


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2 thoughts on “Spoiler Free Review: Tweet Cute by Emma Lord”

  1. Hallo, Hallo Lilly,

    This isn’t the first review I’ve read about “Tweet Cute” but I think it gave me a bit more of a sway towards listening to it! As my library purchased this on audiobook via OverDrive and I have been contemplating whether or not I want to listen to it or read it in print. Somehow I think this might the quirky novel I’ve been seeking – something to take a break from reading the dramatic Historicals I gravitate towards rather regularly and the usual fare of Contemporary/Historical Romances or even the Mysteries, Suspense and Thrillers which occupy my attention when I’m not reading Speculative Fiction! Sometimes I think having a lighter read betwixt those would be quite lovely and maybe this really is a good fit for me after all!

    I loved how its balanced with internal drama and how it is realistically representing the characters! Goodness! I need to get a hold in queue now and I appreciate your wicked candor in talking about the reasons why you love reading this as it made me itchy curious to start listening to it myself! Plus, like you – who doesn’t hanker after fresh bakery goods!? I also love to bake,… so… lol!!


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